Dermoscopy UK was founded by

Dr Jonathan Bowling MBChB FRCP

in 2003

Dermoscopy UK was founded by Dr Jonathan Bowling MBChB, FRCP in 2003. He has 20 years of experience in dermatology including as a Consultant Dermatologist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University Of Oxford Department Of Dermatology.

Dermoscopy has long been an area of great interest for Jonathan. In 2002, whilst elected as the National Dermatology Trainee Representative, he organized the first dermoscopy session for UK trainee dermatologists at the headquarters of the British Association of Dermatologists. Following this, interest and demand for more information and training in dermoscopy increased amongst not only trainees, but also through all levels of the dermatological profession. This lead to Jonathan establishing the first UK based educational meeting on dermoscopy - Dermoscopy UK. To date these meetings have provided dermoscopic education to over 3000 clinicians and have attracted international attendance from across Europe, the Caribbean and as far afield as Australia and the Falkland Islands.

Jonathan is committed to education and research about dermoscopy. He is a Board Member of the International Dermoscopy Society and was a faculty member of the 1st and 2nd World Congress of Dermoscopy.

For more details on Dr Jonathan Bowling, please visit www.MyDermatologist.co.uk

Invited Lectures

He lectures throughout the UK and Europe, recent events have included:


European Academy of Dermato-Venereaology Annual Meeting, Gothenburg - International Dermoscopy Society section meeting
The Commercialisation of Cancer

Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
Dermoscopy & Melanoma: An Inconvenient Truth

Scottish Dermatological Society, Glasgow, Scotland
Dermoscopy & Melanoma: An Inconvenient Truth

British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons, Melanoma & Sarcoma Course, Manchester
Digital Imaging Systems & Melanoma Diagnosis

89th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists, Manchester
Tele-Dermoscopy: A UK Perspective

Primary Care Dermatological Society of Ireland, Limerick, Ireland
Dermoscopy: An Essential Tool for Diagnosis

British Association of Dermatologists Registrar Conference, Manchester
The Dermoscopy Code: The A-Z of Dermoscopy


2nd World Congress of the International Dermoscopy Society, Barcelona, Spain
Faculty Member

3rd National Update in the Effective Management of Malignant Melanoma, London
Dermoscopy & Melanoma Diagnosis

British Medical Association, Masterclass in Medicine: General Update, Manchester
Skin lesion diagnosis

MIMS Dermatological Conditions in Primary Care, London & Manchester
Improving Skin cancer & Melanoma Diagnosis


Masterclass in Cancer Medicine: Skin Cancer - Inaugural Meeting, London
Expert Panel Member

2nd National Update in the Effective Management of Malignant Melanoma, London
Dermoscopy: Initial Investigation and Diagnosis

Scottish Dermatological Society, Annual Meeting, Sterling, Scotland
Plenary Lecture: Dermoscopy in the Clinic.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis, Dublin, Ireland
Dermoscopy: Improving Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, Cardiff, Wales
Introduction to Dermoscopy


Skin Cancer in Organ Recipients (SCOR-UK) 3rd annual meeting, Manchester
Diagnosing Pigmented Skin Lesions

MIMS Dermatological Conditions in Primary Care, London
Diagnosing Skin Cancer and Melanoma with Dermoscopy

86th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists, Birmingham
Dermoscopy Focus Session - Safe Dermoscopy

Primary Care Dermatology Society, Annual General Meeting Bristol
Dermoscopy Workshop for Primary Care

European Conference of the Primary Care Dermatology Society, Barcelona, Spain
Dermoscopy in the United Kingdom

Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, Cardiff University
An Introduction to Dermoscopy


Recognition & Management of Skin Lesions Course, University of Hertfordshire
Dermoscopy of Skin Tumours

Primary Care Dermatology Society, Loch Lomond, Scotland
Dermoscopy Workshop for Primary Care

"Cancer & the Skin" course for consultants, London
Diagnosing Pigmented Skin Lesions; Can Dermoscopy Help?

85th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists, Manchester
Dermoscopy Focus Session - Key Points for Clinical Practice

1st World Congress of the International Dermoscopy Society, Naples, Italy
False Negative Melanoma Diagnosis


Primary Care Dermatology Society, Peebles, Scotland
Dermoscopy in Clinical Practice

Dermatology Clinical Assistants Meeting, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Dermoscopy in Clinical Practice

Melanoma Study Group Meeting, Oxford
Dermoscopy in Melanoma Screening

Primary Care Dermatology Society Annual General Meeting, Cambridge
Dermoscopy in Clinical Practice

Dermatology and Skin Surgery Update Meeting, Newcastle
Dermoscopy - An Essential Tool!


Jonathan has published extensively in peer reviewed medical journals on a range of dermatological conditions including:

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Cancer Specialist Library

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